Sandhan Valley

It was in the summer of Sahyadri, while I was on a solo quest from Kanyakumari to Kashmir that somebody suddenly said, “Sandhan Valley”. The sun was merciless, the mountains were dry, and the answer to this was the Sandhan respite.

Sandhan valley is called the great canyon of Maharashtra. It is a 200 to 300 feet deep and 3 to 25 feet wide water cut ravine, ridged between mountains. It’s pretty much like walking in between two great mountains with the perpetual bliss of wading through blue lagoons.



Located: Maharashtra

Region: Sahyadri, western ghats

Starting point of the trek: Samrad Village in Ghatghar

End point: Dehne village, Shahapur

Best Time to visit: December to May

Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Altitude: Approximately 4000 feet above the sea level

Gradient: Easy to moderate, with some technical patches

Distance: Nashik (90 km),  Mumbai (183 km), Pune (194 km)


  • Trekking in the Valley of shadows: This 2 km long thrilling trail, stretches across rugged boulders, technical descends and pools of natural water.
  • Rappelling: There are several rappelling patches on the trek. One of the exciting rappelling patch is around 130 feet high.
  • The reverse waterfall: During monsoons, this surprising phenomenon takes place because of high pressure winds that pull the water upwards.

Source: Google

  • Cliff Camping: Hanging mid air in a tent is a bucket list experience. There is an exclusive tent for this hanging adventure, it is called portaledge. With proper harness and a reliable aluminium tent base, living on the edge can’t be missed.
  • Photographer’s paradise: The play of light and shade throughout the day, silhouette captures and water reflections is a photographer’s dream come true. At night, far away from city glitters the sky is free from any light pollution. So one can fix the tripod or enjoy star gazing.
  • Cool respite of natural pool: After completing the trek, there is  25 feet deep natural pool. Trekkers can swim around and camp next to it.

Pro Tips:

  • Photography: In case you want to make this a photography trip, it is advisable to go there on a weekday. With so many people wading through the water on weekends, the colour of the water changes from clear turquoise blue to murky brown
  • Rent Gear: Rappelling ropes, carabiners, helmets, harnesses, knee-caps, elbow guards and other safety gears are rented out in Samrad village
  • Mobile network: Most probably, you will be out of network
  • ATM: Nearest ATM is in Shendi
  • Medical help: There are no fancy hospitals around. However, the nearest clinic is in Shendi
  • Carry a first aid box
  • Be careful: The boulders seem easy to descend but you still need to watch every step. More certainly so, while wading through the water patches because the rocks are slippery
  • Trekking shoes: It is recommended to wear waterproof, high ankle trekking boots. To wade through the water patches, one can also wear sandals with a grip
  • Clothes: Prefer wearing quick dry clothes
  • Camera: In case you are visiting around monsoons, it is advisable to get waterproofing done
  • Take a local guide: It is recommended to take a local guide along. The trail can be misleading and certain patches are technical. Local guides also provide food and water as there are no eateries inside the valley. You can contact my local host, Sangram Prabhu who organised this trip with great responsibility and introduced me to the magic of Sahyadris
  • Transport: There are no direct buses to the valley. Instead one can book a jeep from Kasana village





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    Now this is something that inspires me… Amazing place…

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    Wow! That hands down beats all other Sandhan Valley info posts! And I miss your writeups! Do post more often if possible 🙂

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